Want to help us spread our message? Take matters into your own hands by helping us distribute our materials! We have a variety of flyer, poster, and sticker designs available for supporters to use. Here’s how:

  • Print out our flyers to pass out, put up on public bulletin boards, or leave in sympathetic businesses and venues.
  • Create your own stickers with our designs and put them up in busy areas or restrooms, or use them to cover fascist propaganda.
  • Print out our posters and put them up in the streets with tape or wheat paste.

You can find a guide to creating your own stickers here, and a trusty wheat paste recipe here.

If you’d like, you can send us photos of anti-fascist stickers and posters that have gone up! Make sure to practice good security culture- don’t take credit for illegal actions in person or online. You can scrub metadata from photos here.

Poster/Flyer Designs:

Sticker Designs: