Points Of Unity

1. We go where they go. Never let the Nazis on our streets.

2. We do not rely on the cops or the courts. They do not serve our interests or support our struggles.

3. We oppose all forms of oppression, prejudice, marginalization, and exploitation. We support the full liberation of all peoples. We are against the capitalist state and the (in)justice system that enforces it.

4. We support political, social, and ideological diversity within our movement.  Antifa has members of many different backgrounds.

5. We believe in non-sectarian defense of others with similar aims and principles. We support other organizations fighting for liberation- An attack on one is an attack on all.

6. We hold ourselves accountable personally and collectively to uphold our values at all times.

7. We believe in diversity of tactics- fighting fascism requires a multi-faceted approach. Ignoring the problem only lets it thrive.

8. We work to create an aware and active environment that promotes social and political transformation through positive cultural change.

9. Violence is never our objective. We do support self-defense and the defense of others.

10. Each person who chooses to do antifascist work chooses their own individual level of involvement with Antifa. We are not a club or a gang, nor do we have leaders.