Local Anarchist-Turned-Nationalist Takes to Terrorizing Reproductive Health Clinic

Chris posing in front of one of his Confederate flags. Note the Neo-Nazi message in the bottom right hand corner of his notebook- WPWW, or white power world wide, and 14/88, a common white supremacist code for the 14 words and heil Hitler, respectively.

Many activists in the Sacramento area are already familiar with the exploits of Christopher Alden Locke, a local nationalist, christofascist, closet case, and compulsive liar extraordinaire who got his start as a gay rights activist and Anarchist. Chris has a history of lying and unpredictable behavior that dates back to long before he even came out as a nationalist and Neo-Nazi supporter. Now, Chris has taken up arms against a local reproductive health clinic in a string of disturbing events ranging from extreme stalking to a possible connection to a recent break in. The community must put an end to his reign of terror before it goes any further, and the first step is exposing him for what he truly is.

Not-So-Humble Beginnings

Chris started out as the complete antithesis to the homophobic, white supremacist, Christian extremist, nationalist scum he is today. He began as a young gay rights and marijuana legalization activist, organizing a small protest in Roseville in support of marriage equality in 2009.

Chris’s old twitter from 2009, @gayartist916.

A year later, he appeared on the Sacramento scene as a self-described Anarchist, known for his involvement in Occupy, the local Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) branch, and a queer Anarchist affinity group known as B(A)SH Back. Chris’s old Facebook account from this period features several photos of him attending protests and masking up. He also praised Anarchist, Communist, and Anti-Fascist ideals in many of his posts.

Chris’s Facebook page from 2010 tells a very different story than his social media today.

He routinely traveled to anarchist events throughout the valley and bay area, spreading self-aggrandizing lies wherever he went. His outlandish claims were many, but he was written off as a young person with low self-esteem who was trying to find himself and seek approval from his community. During this period, Chris bragged that he was being indicted for firebombing a slaughterhouse in Oregon, a claim that we can safely assume is completely fabricated given the overwhelming lack of evidence. Around the same time, Chris also claimed to have stowed away on an Airforce cargo plane to Egypt, making his way into Palestine through Ramallah. Needless to say, the unlikelihood of anyone managing such a stunt paired with Chris’s extensive dirty laundry list tells us everything we need to know about whether or not he actually pulled it off. These are just two examples out of many that illustrate Chris’s willingness from the start to not only lie casually, but to throw any semblance of believability to the wind in the hopes of positioning himself favorably in his chosen community. As we will come to show, it is more than clear that this pattern of lying to gain social status has carried on after his exit from the leftist community.

Chris also continued to openly identify as a gay man while he was involved in activism, talking at length about romantic encounters with other men. This is a far leap from his current use of homophobic slurs, opposition to trans rights and gay marriage, and self-proclaimed love of and fetish for BBW (big beautiful women), as seen in his social media posts. Our sources have uncovered many more graphic documentations of  Chris’s closeted sexuality, but we have the decency not to publicize them.

Chris in 2009 vs Chris in 2016. Can you spot the difference?

Chris proclaiming his love for BBW on Facebook, shortly after becoming a nationalist and going back into the closet.

The Birth of a Fascist

Some time around 2013, Chris left California to visit his family out of state for several months. Chris himself holds that his family lives in Georgia, But those who knew him during that time remember it as a visit to Arkansas. When he returned, he underwent a drastic identity crisis. In the spring of 2013 he came out as a nationalist, was shunned by his old friends, and fell into the stalking and unpredictable behavior that we know him for today. That winter, Chris also got sober from meth amphetamine (as far as we know) through the 12-step program, and simultaneously began reading the diaries of Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany and Hitler’s right hand man. It is unclear whether Chris’s complete ideological 180 was caused by social/family pressure, mental instability, or both. His breakdown and subsequent reinvention left his previous friends with endless questions. Many wondered if he was an informant or infiltrator all along, or what he would do with his knowledge of the activist community now that he had switched sides. The local IWW branch, of which Chris was a member, ejected him and temporarily disbanded in part due to fears of infiltration. They also wrote a post denouncing him and warning others of his behavior. Chris himself commented on this post, claiming to have been a right-wing infiltrator all along. We find this unlikely, given Chris’s ongoing instability and clear lack of strong principles or identity.

IWW’s PSA. Chris identifies himself as a white nationalist in the comments- now, he takes care to call himself an “American nationalist”.

Anticapitalist and Anti-Fascist Facebook page Fon Du Lac Underclass responded in kind with a warning of their own.

A warning about Chris from the Facebook page Fon Du Lac Underclass.

Tensions between Chris and the Occupy movement finally came to a head in December of 2013, when Occupy supported McDonald’s workers who were striking for better pay. Chris posted to Facebook urging his friends to eat at McDonald’s on the day of the strike, and he himself showed up at the same store that Occupy was protesting outside of, stopping to videotape protestors and crossing a picket line to purchase a meal. Thereafter, Chris could often be found at leftist protests videotaping and surveying, a pattern that has continued to this day. He also began sharing posts to social media solidifying his hatred for leftists.


Anti-leftist posts on Chris’s Facebook page.

Chris’s Backpack in December of 2013.

Chris continued spiraling further and further down this path of white supremacy, and has declared sympathy and support for countless openly racist, fascist, and Neo-Nazi groups.

Chris showing support for a variety of violent extremists and hate groups, including the Three Percenters, Blood and Honour, White Lives Matter, Matthew Heimbach of the Tradionalist Workers Party, and Golden Dawn.

He also expressed support for the Traditionalist Workers Party and the Golden State Skins after they were prevented from holding their rally at the State Capitol on June 26th and subsequently attacked their opposition. Chris was at the rally filming, and left as soon as the fighting broke out. He claims that he was accompanied by his infant daughter that day, who would have been around 5 months old at the time. Chris will definitely be winning the parent of the year award for that one. After the event, he affixed a Traditionalist Workers Party logo to his car.

Nice American flag shirt, ya dweeb!

Talk Shit, Get Hit

The 26th wasn’t Chris’s only run-in with Antifa. Chris has been spewing anti-Antifa rhetoric for longer than there has even been a chapter in Sacramento, and we’ve been aware of him from the start. He has made several videos dedicated to us (how sweet!), and countless accusations against us. Multiple times, he has blamed Antifa Sacramento for supposed threats made to him and his family by random trolls who have no affiliation with us.

We challenge Chris to verify these supposed threats and their connection to our organization.

Chris had what very well may be his second face-to-face encounter with Antifa on January 20th, 2017, which is likely what prompted the above social media campaign against us. On January 20th, Sacramento leftists took to the streets for the national #J20 Inauguration Day protests. Chris found out about the event when posters were pasted up in the weeks leading up to it. He was a newly-turned Trump supporter at the time, and the posters infuriated him to the point that he made nighttime trips to tear them down. On the day of, the protest had a sizeable black bloc- Antifa among them. The procession marched to the Capitol, and of course, who was there but Chris and friends? Chris and several other ill-prepared nationalists stood off to the side, at one point unfurling a Gadson Flag. In a stroke of truly horrible planning, they carried the flag across the stage setup where a speech was taking place, and straight into the black bloc which had gathered on the other side. The bloc crowded them, forcing them back against a nearby shrub wall. Tensions were threatening to boil over when CHP swooped in, forming a police escort to rescue Chris and his friends. Later, Chris uploaded several videos from the day, including a recap shot in his car in which he thanks the police for saving his sorry ass.

Polarization Without Conviction

Chris’s crossover from leftist to fascist was far from his last switch-off. In fact, Chris has an extensive, well-documented history of saying and believing in whatever he feels will best serve him at the time, more often than not to the point of contradiction. What does Chris actually believe? Well, it’s a bit of a mystery. All we can really know is what he thinks he believes, although that changes from day to day. Underneath the hardened American bad boy persona that Chris tries so desperately to uphold, it’s clear that he’s just as lost and insecure as he was when he was trying to find himself in the Occupy Movement. Chris may continue to grasp at whatever ideology he thinks could fill the gap where his sense of self and belonging should be, but these changes have only ever been surface level. Chris is far more concerned with presenting himself in a way that will gain the approval of those he aligns with, whoever they may be, rather than actually embodying beliefs with any lasting conviction. A perfect example of this is his change in position throughout the recent election.

In the beginning, Chris was firmly in the #nevertrump camp. He chose to support Ted Cruz for his pro-Christian, anti-Muslim beliefs instead, voting for him in the primaries and proclaiming that he would write in Cruz for the final election.

Chris expressing his support of Cruz during the primaries.

He showed hatred, contempt, and disgust for Trump and his supporters on social media, mocking them and sharing endless anti-Trump posts.

Chris professing extreme anti-Trump sentiments on Twitter and Facebook, including one meme calling Trump a racist and a fascist.

Chris’s car in May of 2016.

He even went so far as to decorate his car (which has since been totaled) with anti-Trump and anti-Hilary messages.

It is unclear if Chris voted for Trump or Cruz in the general election. What is clear is that he was vehemently against Trump until it became apparent that this stance would isolate him from other right-wing extremists and align him with leftist protestors, a group he loathes. After the election, Chris uploaded a video to his Youtube channel praising Trump’s victory. He began posting Pro-Trump propaganda to his Facebook page, and even purchased a Make America Great Again hat. He wore this hat while filming multiple local anti-Trump protests, in line with his tradition of stalking leftist events.

What happened, Chris?

He also attended and promoted the Sacramento MAGA March, schmoozing with people he once posted about with disdain and positioning himself as a staunch Trump supporter in order to make connections with other local white nationalists. Chris left this blatant white supremacist sticker featuring a swastika on the route of the march during the event, further solidifying his Neo-Nazi ties.

A sticker left by Chris, easily identifiable by his tagging style.

Once A Liar…

One of the most telling things about a person is what they’re willing to lie about, and as we’ve seen in the past, for Chris the sky is the limit. Interestingly enough, Chris never mentioned having been enlisted in the military to anyone during all the years he rubbed shoulders with leftists, although a key part of his current identity is his Iraq veteran status. In fact, we couldn’t find Chris mention any sort of military veteran status until as late as 2016.

We don’t want to completely rule out the possibility that Chris is in fact a veteran, especially given that his paranoid and often delusional fantasies (namely of us) line up with the symptoms of Combat PTSD. However, given the timeline we have pinned down thus far, it simply isn’t likely. At what point would he have been deployed? He states he is an Iraq veteran- the war began in 2003, and all combat troops were formally withdrawn by the end of 2011. If he was deployed before his first stint into activism in 2009, why did he never mention it throughout his years as a radical leftist? Knowing Chris’s need for social affirmation, especially during that time, it’s doubtful he’d avoid mentioning something that would make him seem more tough and exciting. And if he wasn’t deployed before 2009, then when would he have been? from 2009 to 2013, Chris was seen regularly at leftist events in California. He did leave for several months to visit family, but that was in 2012 or 2013, after troops were withdrawn from Iraq. And, as we just mentioned, he never indicated that he was a veteran at all (at least as far as we know) until 2016. Before then he often posted in support of vets and thanked them on his youtube channel, but never claimed to be one. In fact, in November of 2016, Chris uploaded multiple videos of a festive Veteran’s Day Parade that he attended in Sacramento. Shortly after, in December of 2016 and January of 2017, we begin to see claims of being a veteran peppered into Chris’s tweets more and more frequently. The tweets start out ambiguous enough, but, presumably as Chris becomes more comfortable with his lie, they become increasingly extraordinary. By late January, he is fueling flame wars with stories of getting his stomach ripped open by an IED to one-up people on twitter.

Chris raking in those sweet, sweet veteran brownie points. All we have to say? Prove it.

Sure, there could be a chance that Chris is telling the truth. But how likely is that, really? What seems a lot more likely is that he’s after social status and admiration, as per usual. To fully encapsulate this pattern, let’s rewind back to 2010-2012. In anarchist circles, those who risk prison fighting for their beliefs are highly revered, so Chris attempted to pass himself off as just that. Now, he is doing the same thing in nationalist circles, but instead he is trying to pass himself off as a veteran. His self-indulgent twitter posts make it clear just what need this fills for him, furthering our argument. How much has Chris really changed? Well, he’s gotten more dangerous and more unstable, to start with.

From Activist to Terrorist

Chris Locke’s latest trajectory is his most alarming to date. Chris has always been a liar and a hypocrite, but until recently, his actions have never caused us to feel that he is an immediate threat to others. Now, it is clear that he is in fact an active danger to the community. Chris has been a Christian extremist since he came out as a nationalist, and as such he is strongly against abortion. Recently, he joined local anti-choice religious groups to participate in 40 Days for Life, a 40-day-long call to action by Christian anti-abortion groups that encourages constant, 24-hr protests at clinics that provide abortion services. Susan Money, the Sacramento lead of 40 Days for Life, has taken Chris under her wing. He refers to her as his “adopted mother” in his Youtube videos. The group has held near-daily protests attempting to shame, guilt, and intimidate staff and patients alike at a local medical center that provides many different types of reproductive care, including abortions. Chris has visited the protest site almost every day since the second week of March, often for most of the day. He is sometimes accompanied by his friend Tom. Chris has also filmed clinic escorts and license plate numbers, dumping the information to his Youtube channel.

Chris’s online documentation of the anti-choice action, including several Youtube videos in which he waxes conspiratorial about where “aborted baby parts” go.

To whoever wrote “science, you fuck”, we see you. Please carry on.

Multiple anti-choice stickers were also found at the location, all in Chris’s distinctive graffiti lettering style.

Most disturbing are two videos taken outside the clinic at night. Chris circles the perimeter with his friend Tom in tow, pointing out features of the building and talking in an agitated tone about murdered babies. One of the videos ends in Chris saying “If that’s under construction, lets make it quick… See you later, peace out! We’re going to go have some fun tonight.”

The two videos Chris uploaded of his nighttime activities.

It’s clear that Chris has taken it to the next level, and his volatile, unpredictable nature makes the situation all the more serious. We interviewed a staff member at the clinic to get the full story. She revealed to us that the clinic had actually been broken into on March 18th, which is well within the time frame that Chris has been making his late-night visits. “A rock was thrown through the door of Suite 200,” she said, “the admin side of the clinic. The door was shattered.” The clinic was both vandalized and robbed that night, according to our source. “It’s also worth mentioning that the corridor Chris has been filming is not the clinic, which we (the staff) find suspicious.” She went on. “Our clinic does not have covered windows, and the doors are clearly labeled.” We also learned from this staff contact that Chris ran into a volunteer escort at school, and then publicized the information on his Youtube channel. “He saw one of the escorts at the library at [their campus], and talks about it on one of the videos. He started filming the escorts more and more and posting it to Youtube.” She informed us. “Until I saw the videos I didn’t think much of him- he just sort of stares us down.” When asked for any final comments, she expressed deep concern for her fellow staff members and for the clinic’s patients in light of Chris’s erratic and unstable behavior. “He has us all very shaken up. A few staff members have stopped leaving after dark because of his late night filming pattern. We get to know our regular protesters pretty well, and his atypical behavior and affiliation with other extreme groups/ideologies scares the staff. Abortion clinics have long since been victims of arson, shootings, bomb threats, etc, so anyone with extreme ideologies who also seems unhinged is perceived and treated as a very real threat to our personal safety and the safety of our patients.”

This serious treatment is not unwarranted- Chris could definitely be described as ‘unhinged’. He goes on a misogynistic rant while brandishing a machete in one of his Youtube videos, and he has also posted to social media about stocking up on ammunition. Chris claims he has obtained a license to carry in the State of California, and has also stated that he has a sidearm and a knife on his person at all times.

Chris brandishing a machete at his audience, posting his new ammo purchase to twitter, and informing the world of his permit to carry.

On March 31st, two FBI agents stopped Chris and questioned him while his car was parked outside of the clinic that day.

However, not even this could deter him, and the next day he posted a selfie to his twitter confirming that he was back to his usual nighttime routine.

Chris, back at the clinic after being questioned about his activities by the FBI.

The Dirt


Chris Lock (Last active 2010)

Chris Askme (Last active 2014)

Chris Aldean Locke (Current)


Gayartist916 (Last active 2009)

Sactownpatriot (Current)


Patriotdippin (Current)

DOB: 5/16/1987

Residence: *** **** ***Roseville CA, ***** (TBA)

Vehicle: Nissan Versa, plate # 8AWJoo1

Some of the information Chris has provided in his various social media profiles. Much of this information has been verified, but his hometown and veteran status are doubtful.

Chris is 29 years old and lives in the Roseville area. He claims to attend UC Davis, but as we have found no evidence of this it likely isn’t true. He is currently in a relationship with Whitney Richardson. Chris has been engaged in an ongoing legal battle with a past partner over joint custody of their daughter, and has slandered her and her family on social media. Chris claims to live on the same street as his ex-wife and daughter, “watching them like a hawk” under the guise of protecting them from manufactured threats. Chris’s current vehicle is a Nissan Versa, license plate number is 8AWJ001. He drives for Uber and Lyft, and his car can be easily identified by a number of far right/neo-Nazi bumper stickers affixed to the back. Chris frequents the 24 Hr Fitness in Roseville, and often can be found watching trains at the Roseville Rail Yard. We have also secured several other pieces of information including Chris’s home address, which we will be releasing at our leisure.

In Conclusion

Chris is the kind of person who is quick to jump on whatever bandwagon will make him feel like he’s part of something, and equally quick to follow whatever gives him a sense of identity. It’s truly unfortunate that the bandwagon Chris ended up on involves a plethora of violent, oppressive ideologies that cause him to take such hateful and harmful actions. We hope that Chris gets the help he desperately needs, and maybe even begins to live as his authentic self one day. His current unstable and ego-driven state is a testament to how far he’s fallen. However, there is no denying that as he stands, Chris Locke is not only fascist scum, but also an urgent threat to our community. We hope he isn’t stupid enough to try anything else, because we will definitely hear about it. and there’s so much information we haven’t even shared in this article, just waiting to be divulged!

Have info on Christopher Locke? You know what to do!

Email us! At antifasac(at)riseup(dot)net

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